Help us learn more about Tom "Tex" Logan...dancing cowboy, East Hampton Sea Spray Inn chef, ghost of Grey Gardens, outlaw, father, son, friend...

Tom Logan was a very tall man, and there have been many "tall tales" about this talented, yet troubled individual. Portrait of Tom Logan by artist Lois Wright  

Thomas Allen Logan was born around 1906.  Reports say that he died in February 1964 in the kitchen at the infamous East Hampton, Long Island home called "Grey Gardens".  But circumstances surrounding his death are as mysterious as the man himself.

Known as the "dancing cowboy," he may have traveled the country as a steer wrestler and bullrider in the 1930's and 1940's with such rodeo legends as Roy Rogers.  In addition, it is believed that he was a Hollywood stuntman for a period of time.

Very handsome and charismatic, Tom was quite a ladies man and might have fathered several children.  It is possible that he had an intimate relationship with the notorious recluse "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, cousin to Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  This desperado never married, though.  He was also an excessive drinker, and his addiction to the bottle often got him into trouble.

Tex was on the run from the law, and in and out of jail, for a good portion of his short life.  To conceal his true identity, he utilized several aliases such as "Thomas Fletcher", "Allen Fletcher", and, yes, "Tex Fletcher".  He criss-crossed the United States over the years and lived in many different places including California, Louisiana, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

What little is documented about T. Logan is derived from scant lines of dialogue in the acclaimed 1970's Maysles cinema verite film called "Grey Gardens".  Tex was a chef at the Sea Spray Inn in The Sea Spray Inn, East Hamtpon, Long IslandEast Hampton, New York during the mid 1950's (it later burned down in 1978).  The ritzy Sea Spray was a popular upscale dining spot and was frequented by the rich and famous. He met Edith Beale there, they struck-up a friendship, and she eventually took him in as a pseudo "caretaker" when he was ultimately fired. 

He lived at Beale's decrepit home, Grey Gardens, for roughly nine years along with her adult daughter "Little Edie".  He did various odd jobs such as painting, cooking, and playing the steel guitar to Edith's enjoyment.  Never one to settle down or stay in one place for very long, Tex unexpectedly left the house for weeks at a time.  Edith would occasionally receive a phone call from the local jail that Tom needed to be bailed out (again).  His spirit is said to haunt the Beale mansion; "Little Edie" said his ghost would often steal her scissors and leave them in peculiar places throughout the house!

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